Fans are trolling Rockstar for banning GTA 6 comments


By Ray Ampoloquio September 27, 2021

Fans continue to bombard Rockstar for GTA VI updates.

To no one's surprise, Rockstar has had enough. 

Rockstar has gone ahead and banned GTA VI from its YouTube channel.

However, it appears that the move has backfired terribly for Rockstar. 

You can't exactly blame Rockstar for trying to keep trolls out. 

Fans have gone to extreme lengths to try and coax Rockstar to announce GTA VI. 

One fan event on stage in a game show to ask the host if he knew anything about GTA 6. 

Another also held up a sign at a wrestling event with GTA VI written on it. 

Unfortunately, instead of discouraging trolls, all Rockstar did was let them get creative.

It will be interesting to see what Rockstar does about all of these comments asking for GTA VI going forward.

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