By Matt Stone August 18, 2022

Fake GTA 6 ads show up online and trick people to download

Fans of the popular action-adventure game, Grand Theft Auto, have come across fake online ads asking them to download the next game in the series, GTA 6,

For years, there have been numerous rumors and unsubstantiated claims surrounding GTA 6 and while there's now an official confirmation of its existence, the rumors still persist.

Unfortunately, some elements take things further: they take advantage of the lack of details about the game to scam unsuspecting fans.

The latest edition of this long-running farce is an online ad that has recently surfaced on the internet.

The ad invites internet users to visit a website and play the game for free.

The fake ad's creator went as far as creating a GTA 6 logo that could fool the average person.

We cannot say for certain what purpose this ad serves. However, it is immediately apparent that the people behind it do not have users' best interests at heart.