EXCLUSIVE: The Division Heartland game modes revealed, map details


By Tom Henderson February 11, 2022

Not much has been officially revealed by Ubisoft about its upcoming free-to-play shooter, The Division Heartland.

The publisher only confirmed that the game will release during its fiscal year 2022-23.

Over the last few months though, Ubisoft has been conducting extensive QA on The Division Heartland.

We can exclusively reveal that the game will feature two modes, 'Storm' which is a PvPvE mode and 'Excursion', which is a PvE mode aimed at preparing you for Storm.

Excursion is like the tutorial mode of Storm, where players can play with two other friends and learn the map, 'Silver Creek'.

However, Heartland’s bread and butter is Storm, a PvEvP mode with a similar formula to the likes of Escape From Tarkov.

Silver Creek is a large open world with plenty of opportunities to find rare loot, but the game's virus-contaminated gas can spread from random locations.

There is currently six individual characters to choose from in The Division Heartland, three male and three female. Apart from their appearance though, nothing else distinguishes them.

As you would expect with any The Division game, Heartland features AI enemies called "Vultures".

These six types of Vultures are named Flanker, Grunt, Heavy, Sharps, Hooter, and Technician.

Ubisoft could reveal the game soon, with its quarterly earnings call for Q3 22 taking place on February 17th.