eFootball is officially the worst-rated game on Steam


By Ray Ampoloquio October 3, 2021

Pro Evolution Soccer just went free-to-play and it wasn't good.

In fact, eFootball has officially become the worst-rated game on Steam of all time.

When Konami announced eFootball back in July, the company promised a lot of things.

It's safe to say that Konami has failed to deliver. 

eFootball's gameplay, defenses, and counter-attacks are not a huge step-up from the last Pro Evolution Soccer installment.

Although there are a couple of good takeaways from eFootball, it's just an overall bad game.

If it's any consolation, Konamo has vowed to fix the game's issues as soon as possible. 

Hopefully, Konami does succeed if only so that this negative perception won't affect the numerous projects the studio is rumored to have in development.

According to Konami, eFootball will get a lot of new content for its first big update.

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