EA will not hesitate to ban Battlefield 2042 technical test leakers


By Ray Ampoloquio August 16, 2021

Electronic Arts kicked off its limited beta test for Battlefield 2042 earlier this week.

EA also wants to make sure that none of the testers leak details about Battlefield 2042.

Unlike 343 and Microsoft, who seem to be more than happy to let Halo Infinite media flood the internet, EA is taking a no strict approach.

EA is even willing to go as far as to kick violators out of the game forever.

A lot hinges on the successful release of Battlefield 2042.

EA postponed the next Need for Speed game to enable multiple studios to help out with its development.

EA has every right to make sure that everything about the game is kept under wraps until its launch.

We're just hoping that the game doesn't end up falling short of expectations.

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