EA Live 2021 Reveals and Trailers


By Geoff Borgonia July 26, 2021

Electronic Arts chose to skip E3 2021 to hold its own EA Live event on July 22nd, presenting a slew of upcoming games.

Although the presentation did not reveal any new details for its biggest IPs and titles, EA Live did show much promise for what was on display.

Bringing in a new Apex legend called Seer, Apex Legends Emergence is the newest season for the popular free to play shooter.

Codemasters revealed GRID Legends, a racing game that has an immersive story mode.

Jet fighters against WWII-era warplanes? Panzers vs. drones? Melee with combat knives vs. defibrillators? These and more scenarios are possible with the Battlefield 2042 Portal.

In Lost in Random the protagonist is assisted by a walking die, which is where the randomness comes into play.

Knockout City - Fight at the Movies content includes cosmetics and maps that change depending on the scene from the movie that they are inspired by.

The Dead Space remake will be available for PC and modern consoles such as the Xbox Series X/S and the Playstation 5.

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