E3 2022 is canceled with a return in 2023 planned


By Ray Ampoloquio March 31, 2022

Several credible sources and industry insiders have questioned the status of this year's E3 event.

After much speculation and rumors, the ESA has confirmed that E3 2022 is cancelled entirely.

The news comes from Razer's PR lead, Will powers, who revealed that he received an email from the ESA stating that the organization had canceled E3 2022.

Since then, several other key figures and publications within the industry have come forward after receiving similar emails.

E3 has experienced a steady decline in recent years. It certainly doesn't help that big-time publishers like Nintendo, Sony, and EA, have all elected to host their showcases after their departures.

Although people would have still probably tuned in to E3 2022 had it pushed through, it wouldn't have been as successful.

Hopefully, the ESA can take notes on how the industry hasn't missed a beat without E3 and delivers on its promise to come back in 2023.