Looking back on every game based on Dune


By Aron Gerencser November 10, 2021

Denis Villeneuve's adaptation of Frank Herbert's Dune has everyone in a spice craze.

Players have visited virtual versions of Arrakis on multiple occasions throughout the years.

The virtual history of Dune begins in 1992, almost three decades after the book was published.

This first Dune game frames the story in a curious blend of real-time strategy and adventure game format.

Dune II: The Building of a Dynasty was developed by Westwood Studios.

Dune II ended up championing the classic RTS formula which is used in the genre to this day.

Dune 2000 tells an entirely new storyline with a similar premise as Dune II.

Dune 2000 didn't bring anything new to the table in terms of gameplay and was seen as a simplification.

Emperor: Battle for Dune was a direct follow up to Dune 2000 featuring returning characters, references and a new plot.

Emperor recieved a lukewarm reception.

Leaving behind the RTS genre, Frank Herbert's Dune instead opted to be a 3D action-adventure game.

It flopped so hard that it sank Cryo Interactive.

The second of Cryo Interactive's officially licensed Dune games never saw the light of day.

Dune Generations would have been a return to the RTS genre.

Funcom, the development company behind Conan Exiles, has a deal with Legendary Pictures to release 3 Dune games.

The first upcoming Funcom Dune title will be a survival MMO not unlike Conan Exiles.

The future of Dune in games seems bright.