A Dragon Age Netflix series is reportedly in the works


By Ray Ampoloquio July 27, 2021

BioWare made a name for itself by making some of the best narrative-driven RPGs in video game history.

Now, it looks like Dragon Age is set to join its sci-fi brother in gracing the small screens.

Netflix might have just decided to pick up Dragon Age as the next video game franchise to receive a TV adaptation.

The report states that a Dragon Age TV series is in active development over at Netflix, which is surprising considering that neither Netflix nor BioWare has announced it yet.

If the TV series is indeed in active development, we should receive word about it soon.

With there being nearly a decade separating the last Dragon Age game and its sequel, it also makes sense for BioWare and Electronic Arts to greenlight a video game adaptation on Netflix.

If it's true, then Netflix's long list of video game series adaptations just got longer.

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