Disney's response to Johansson's lawsuit sparks controversy


By Aron Gerencser August 10, 2021

The legal battle between Black Widow star Scarlett Johansson and Disney is heating up.

The company fired back at the actress' lawsuit with a harsh response that many observers have called out as gendered and an undue attack on Johansson's character.

Black Widow is the first solo outing of Johansson's character.

The actress' legal team claimed in the lawsuit that launching the film on via streaming concurrently with the theatrical release is in breach of contract.

It also led to Johansson missing out on major bonuses based on box office earnings.

Disney decided to fire back instead of eating the costs.

The way things are shaping up, this might turn out to be a mistake.

Disney's attorney Dan Petrocelli called the lawsuit "manifestly wrong in every respect".

Petrocelli and Disney's official legal response went on to attack the lawsuit and Johansson herself.

They called her 'callous' and describing the lawsuit as just a PR stunt designed to squeeze a check out of the company.

This response added fuel to the fire, drawing great criticism.

Many actors in the industry spoke up in support of Johansson, whom they view as fighting for the rights and benefits of actors everywhere.

The eyes of the entire movie industry, and countless filmgoers and fans worldwide are now fixated on this lawsuit.

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