Disney "resets" its contract policy following Scarlett Johansson lawsuit


By Ray Ampoloquio September 21, 2021

Scarlett Johansson's lawsuit against Disney is yet to find a resolution. 

Even so, it appears that Johansson's lawsuit has forced Disney to make changes. 

In fact, Disney has decided to amend its contracts for actors going forward as a result. 

Disney CEO Bob Chapek revealed the changes it was going to make going forward. 

This suggests that Disney has admitted defeat to Johansson's lawsuit. 

In addition to changing actor contracts, Disney has already made the rest of its 2021 movies release exclusively in theaters.

It's worth noting that Disney could have avoided this as revealed by Johansson's legal team. 

Instead, Disney could be looking at a potentially larger settlement.

It will be interesting to see what comes next for Johansson's lawsuit. 

Disney's recent statement all but confirms that the House of Mouse did Johansson wrong. 

It's just a shame that Johansson's last MCU film had to end this way. 

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