By Tobi Oguntola September 17, 2022

Disney CEO hints at future merger for Disney Plus and Hulu

Disney boss, Bob Chapek, has hinted that a potential merger Disney Plus and Hulu in the future.

Disney has the majority stake in the streaming platform at 66% and has managed Hulu since 2019.

Unfortunately for Disney, it cannot take full control of the streaming service because it is partially owned by Comcast, which owns NBC Universal and serves as a silent partner.

Chapek noted that Disney will have to acquire Comcast to take charge of the streaming service, which it isn't allowed to do until 2024. 

Furthermore, after consulting consumer feedback and company data, Chapek opined that he is convinced such a merger would “not be subject to organ rejection by the consumer.”

Disney's subscription base is now larger than Netflix if you combine Hulu and its 46.2 million subscribers with Disney Plus' 152.1 million.