By Ray Ampoloquio May 19, 2022

Devs double down on Saints Row reboot in latest preview

They say that change is the only thing constant in the world. This applies to Saints Row as well.

Judging from what we've seen so far, the new Saints Row retains the best-selling franchise's unapologetic and unabashed sense of humor as well as a penchant for destruction.

The only difference is that Volition is doing away with the over-the-top theatrics in favor of something more measured albeit still ridiculous.

Volition developers, Kenzie Lindgren and Damien Allen, also gave the reboot their vote of confidence.

Of course, just because the people behind the game and those who've had a chance to see early previews are saying good things, this doesn't guarantee that Saints Row will do well.

Barring a late setback, players will finally be able to take over Santo Ileso with their fully customized crime bosses in August.