Deathloop goes gold a month ahead of its release date


By Ray Ampoloquio August 6, 2021

Barring a catastrophe, it appears that we're going to see Arkane Studios' latest PS5-exclusive release on time. 

In the case of Arkane Studios' Deathloop, that's September 14.

Arkane Studios announced the good news via the game's official Twitter account.

This signals that September 14 will definitely be when players will finally get their hands on Deathloop.

Now that the game's release date is fixed and firm, we can finally celebrate.

Arkane Studios' latest Deathloop showcase got fans even more excited for the upcoming first-person action-adventure title.

After working on the Dishonored and Wolfenstein games, as well as the massively underrated sci-fi horror title, Prey, Arkane has finally had a chance to flex its creative muscles again

The result is nothing short of amazing.

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