Death Stranding Director's Cut release date set for September 24


By Ray Ampoloquio July 8, 2021

Death Stranding, Hideo Kojima's debut title with his now-independent Kojima Productions studio, is getting a Director's Cut edition that's been "enhanced and expanded" for the PlayStation 5.

Hideo Kojima made a rare appearance at the Summer Game Fest to introduce Death Stranding Director's Cut to the rest of the world.

Death Stranding will receive numerous changes in its Director's Cut version.

The most obvious are the graphical and performance enhancements.

The latest trailer showcases Death Stranding running at 60 frames per second at what we can only assume is 4K resolution on the PlayStation 5.

Similar to what Square Enix did with FF VII Remake: Intergrade, Death Stranding Director's Cut will bring more than just better aesthetics.

On top of the gameplay additions, the video promised new story missions for Death Stranding once it arrives on September 24.

So far, there are two upcoming director's cuts of PlayStation exclusives coming.

Similar to Death Stranding, the director's cut for Ghost of Tsushima will come with new content on top of visual upgrades.

Because this trend is becoming more common among PlayStation exclusives games, we wouldn't be surprised to see more director's cut versions down the line.

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