By Ray Ampoloquio October 2, 2022

Death Stranding 2 is still going to be a PlayStation exclusive

Xbox owners only recently got a chance to have their go at Death Stranding, but it appears that the sequel will also be an exclusive.

Rumors claim Death Stranding 2 is already in the works and it will continue to be exclusive to the PlayStation platform.

According to the leaks, the new Death Stranding game's internal codename is "Ocean" and Kojima Productions is already thinking outside of its existing exclusivity deal with Sony as soon as the sequel is out.

Death Stranding is a rare game that doesn't need a sequel, but most wouldn't mind seeing Norman Reedus come back to reprise his role as Sam Porter. 

Having said that, adding naval travel suggests that Kojima could be thinking of making the sequel more massive.

Unfortunately, Kojima's current projects put an end to rumors of their involvement in anything related to Metal Gear Solid.