By Hassan Sajid October 3, 2022

According to reports, Halo might be switching to Unreal Engine 5

According to several reports, 343 industries might be ditching their in-house Slipspace engine for Epic's technologically advanced Unreal Engine 5.

Switching up of an internal engine in favor of the industry-standardized Unreal Engine is not new, as we've seen it several times in the past.

Many triple-A titles have undergone an engine change, including the highly-acclaimed The Witcher 4.

A few months ago Certain Affinity posted a number of job opportunities with many mentioning knowledge of Unreal engine in their job role responsibilities.

Switching to Unreal engine makes the most sense as it is currently the leading engine in the market with updated features.

Given the optimization issues that Halo Infinite faced, the idea of changing to a more stable engine is not outlandish.