Dave Bautista wants to do a buddy cop movie with Jason Momoa


By Ray Ampoloquio August 21, 2021

The "buddy cop" movie genre has produced some of the most memorable movies in cinema history.

Now, it appears that Stuber star, Dave Bautista, wants to do a "buddy cop" movie with Jason Momoa.

Bautista's never been shy to let everyone know the kind of movies that he wants to do next.

After starring in Zack Snyder's Army of the Dead, the MCU star went on Twitter to try and pitch a Drax solo movie.

James Gunn later admitted that he'd love to have a chance to do the movie.

For his latest fantasy project, Bautista wants to do a buddy cop movie with Jason Momoa,

Both are set to face off in Season 2 of See.

With that said, we doubt that this movie will ever come to fruition.

Both Bautista and Momoa are big stars in their own right and have busy schedules.

Momoa is set to reprise his role as Aquaman in the upcoming DCEU superhero film sequel.

Meanwhile, Bautista has multiple projects lined up, including a return to his now-iconic role of Drax in the MCU for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.

Now, if this movie does somehow miraculously happen, you can pencil us in as fans already.

Both Bautista and Momoa have proven that they are so much more their stereotypes.

Both seem to have a knack for comedy as well.

There is the potential between the two of them to make a good buddy cop movie. 

Now that Bautista's planted the seeds, we can only hope that a studio exec decides to pick the idea up and run with it.

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