Netflix is going to lose all of its Marvel TV shows


By Aron Gerencser February 13, 2022

Disney has done everything in its power to consolidate all the Marvel properties and get them into one place.

Now, after the success of the original MCU TV shows on Disney+, the House of Mouse is allegedly making a big move.

A Netflix disclaimer on all Marvel shows on the streaming platforms reads, "Last day to watch on Netflix: February 28."

What's interesting here is that neither Netflix nor Disney has released an official statement.

Then again, Netflix was bound to lose the license to the shows, and it appears that this is going to happen on March 1.

Fans are currently worried about when and where they'll be able to watch the cancelled Marvel TV shows next.

The safest bet is either Star+ or Hulu as this would require no censoring so viewers can still enjoy the material as intended.

Of course, this is all just speculation, as we don't have answers to where and when audiences will get a chance to see Daredevil and others once they leave Netflix on March 1.