By Ray Ampoloquio October 2, 2022

Crystal Dynamics might be preparing to revive Legacy of Kain

Now that Crystal Dynamics has regained ownership of Legacy of Kain and other IPs like Tomb Raider, it appears that they're ready to revisit the iconic franchise.

Crystal Dynamics sent surveys that asked users if want to see a remake, reboot, or sequel to Legacy of Kain.

The departure of Amy Hennig effectively ended the Legacy of Kain franchise in 2003.

We're curious to see how the studio will make a successful Legacy of Kain game if Hennig isn't involved.

Of course, regardless of what form it takes, most fans would pay anything just to see a new Legacy of Kain game.

Hopefully, enough people had a positive response to the most recent survey sent by Crystal Dynamics to warrant at least a remake or remaster of an older Legacy of Kain game.