Crossplay is coming to Destiny 2


By Stefany Hernandez August 7 2021

As season 15 of Destiny 2 is fast approaching, Bungie is revealing new features coming to the game.

One of those features is the ability to join other players across platforms via crossplay.

Both crossplay and cross-save are coming, and there are a lot of adjustments that have to be made to accommodate this new feature.

People who play on multiple platforms may have different names, and uniting them through crossplay could lead to complications.

Bungie's answer to this is a new, unique ID consisting of your Bungie name, display name, a hashtag, and a series of numbers.

Unfortunately, special characters will be removed from your name.

If you have an inappropriate name, your name will be modified by Bungie too.

Be sure to change your name now, because the name change feature of Destiny 2 will not be available on launch.

You will now also be able to see all of your friends in one list called the Bungie Friends, regardless of their platform.

Additionally, notifications indicating invites issued in-game can be accepted by going to the Roster screen and going to the Fireteam Invites tab.

The Fireteam Finder feature allows Fireteam invites on all platforms.

Unfortunately, there will be no voice chat feature when crossplay launches.

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