By Ray Ampoloquio September 26, 2022

Creators tease potential Cobra Kai Season 6 delay

Netflix should be jumping at the chance to renew Cobra Kai for a sixth and, possibly, even seventh season, but this isn't the case.

The show's creators confirmed that Sony hasn't renewed the next season of Cobra Kai yet although it's not necessarily a bad thing.

According to the show's creators, they're currently busy working on several projects in the meantime that might make it difficult for them to work on Cobra Kai Season 6 right now.

Then again, since Cobra Kai Season 5 arrived so early, this might be the price that we'll all be paying.

The good news is that Netflix is probably aiming to release the next season of Cobra Kai on or before December next year.

Hopefully, before then, we will hear more about the spin-offs to Cobra Kai.