By Darryl Lara September 22, 2022

Cosmoem, Morelull and unreleased Pikachu costumes are coming to Pokemon Go

It looks like Pokemon Go will be getting more Pokemon Sun and Moon soon and not less.

The dataminers have found models for Cosmoem, Morelull, and Shiinotic in the Pokémon Go game files alongside two unreleased Pikachu costumes. 

All these Pokémon will most likely be added to the mobile game through weekly events similar to the previous one last weekend, so be sure to watch out.

Pokemon Go players can't go and evolve Cosmog right now but the addition of Cosmoem should solve this issue in the coming weeks.

Fans of Cosmoem and Morelull should expect them to come to Pokémon Go as the Season of Light is still ongoing.

Pokémon GO's Season of Light is expected to last through a huge chunk of the holiday season until December 1.