A Control Multiplayer Spinoff and Sequel Is In the Works


By Ray Ampoloquio June 29, 2021

Remedy Entertainment just confirmed that it has two Control games in the works.

To everyone's surprise, these two games aren't related to the Epic-funded Control games that were announced earlier this year. 

The first Control game is a multiplayer spin-off that will feature 4-player co-op gameplay in a PvE setting. 

Remedy refers to the unnamed Control spinoff as Project Condor.

Project Condor will also be a next-gen exclusive. It will release only on the Xbox Series S/X and PS5, as well as the PC.

In the same announcement, Remedy Entertainment also confirmed that it's working on a "bigger budget" Control sequel with 505 Games.

Unfortunately, both the Control multiplayer spin-off and sequel seem to be ways away from release. 

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