The creators are already working on Cobra Kai Season 6


By Ray Ampoloquio January 3, 2022

Cobra Kai's fourth season just landed on Netflix, but it appears that the showrunners are already busy writing Season 6.

Not only that, but the show's creators are hoping that Netflix will renew the series for even more seasons.

So far, Season 6 of Cobra Kai isn't technically confirmed yet.

Earlier this year, Netflix greenlit the fifth season of Cobra Kai ahead of Season 4's premiere.

Later on, one of the showrunners confirmed that Season 5 has already finished filming.

As fans wait for what's next for Cobra Kai, it appears that the people running the show are already planning for the future.

Talking to Collider, Josh Heald confirmed that they still "have an endgame plan" but they are "still writing beyond Season 5."

Meanwhile, John Hurwitz explained that they always had at least six seasons planned, but at the same time, they're open for more.

TLDR; Cobra Kai fans can look forward to at least two more seasons in the years to come.