By Ray Ampoloquio June 22, 2022

Here is your first look at the Orcs in The Lord of the Rings prequel by Amazon

If you're worried that the Orcs in the second age as depicted in Amazon's upcoming The Lord of the Rings prequel won't look as terrifying as Saruman and Sauron's machinations in the Third Age, think again.

Prime Video just shared a first look at the decrepit netizens of Middle-Earth as they were in the Second Age.

The Orcs of the Rings of Power don't look like they'll be any less terrifying than their purposely bred future brethren.

Ultimately, skeptical fans should take the latest image reveal for The Rings of Power as a good sign.

Jackson's original trilogy won several awards over the years, with many praising its attention to detail and use of practical effects over CGI.

The same could not be said of The Hobbit movies, which is probably why these Orcs look more like the first The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

We'll know more for sure if the Orcs of The Rings of Power are for real when the first episode premieres on September 2.