Capcom delays Resident Evil PvP Game, RE: Verse, to 2022


By Ray Ampoloquio July 16, 2021

One of the latest games to be delayed to 2022 is Capcom's free-to-play multiplayer horror game, Resident Evil Re: Verse.

The upcoming Resident Evil player-versus-player title was initially revealed alongside Resident Evil Village.

It was intended to release along with the eighth installment of the Resident Evil franchise.

Now, it seems like Capcom is putting the game on ice until 2022.

RE: Verse was originally planned to be a part of Capcom's 25th-anniversary celebration of the survival horror franchise.

Had the game been released as intended, it would have given players a chance to pit iconic Resident Evil characters against each other for the first time in the series.

If it's any consolation, delaying Re: Verse should give Capcom more time to work on a Resident Evil Village DLC for this year.

RE: Verse now joins a long list of games that have been delayed this 2021. 

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