By Murillo Zerbinato May 19, 2022

Bug in Call of Duty: Warzone causes instakill for Gulag winners

Players of Call of Duty: Warzone are reporting a new bug in the battle royale Gulag.

An issue has been causing frustration for Gulag winners, who cannot return to the main scenario even after securing their second chances.

The glitch occurs randomly after the Gulag battle. Winners, who should spawn on the map, are instantly killed.

This instakill bug started to occur soon after the one that, after a victory in the Gulag, spawned players far outside the coverage range of the combat zone.

In the past, the battle royale had other bug problems with players spawning in the gassed zone. It seems when the developers fix one bug, another one pops.

With the Warzone season 3 coming, players can only hope the game will be fixed before their enthusiasm breaks.