Branches and variants: Alternate Timelines in Loki explained


By Geoff Borgonia July 30, 2021

Confused about the ending of Loki with the Sacred Timeline branches? Loki head writer Michael Waldron explains their multiverse.

In an interview with ScreenCrush, Michael Waldron explains their approach to the idea of multiple timelines and alternate universes.

Waldron says, "The best I can explain it is our approach with time travel was the philosophy basically that time is always happening."

"There are infinite instances of time always occurring at once. "

"So you and I are having this conversation right now. There’s another instance of us having this conversation 10 seconds ago."

"There are minute little fluctuations in each instance of time. So in you and I’s conversation, five times out of ten, I pick up and I say, "Hello"."

As shown in the conclusion of the Loki series season 1 finale, Immortus is killed by Sylvie, creating the broken timelines.

Just understanding the basic idea that alternate events and realities is enough to grasp the stories that will be explored in What If…?

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