Eli Roth confirms that Borderlands movie is for everybody


By Ray Ampoloquio July 19, 2021

With an ensemble cast, expectations for the upcoming Borderlands movie are incredibly high.

Thankfully, the film's director, Eli Roth, seems to think that it caters to everybody.

Understandably, video game movies are made for their fans.

It helps when the director of the Borderlands movie describes the feature-length film as something that audiences who have never played the Borderlands games can still enjoy.

Of course, the new Borderlands movie is still something that fans of the franchise will enjoy best.

However, it's nice to hear the director talk about it being made so that everyone can enjoy it.

Even in a world where the video game industry has been seeing unprecedented success, not everyone is a gamer.

The success of the movie also hinges on whether it can draw in new audiences. The more people that come to see to watch the Borderlands movie, the more likely that we're going to see follow-up movies.

Speaking of follow-ups, a spin-off on the Borderlands games, Tiny Tina's Wonderland, was recently confirmed

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