Nick Wechsler's Blue Hawk joins the Boys Season 3 in latest teaser


By Ray Ampoloquio December 12, 2021

Unfortunately, The Boys Season 3 still isn't here.

Amazon Prime Video has given no clue as to when the third season for its superhero satire series is going to arrive.

However, the studio hasn't slowed down with its constant updates.

For its latest "Seven on 7" episode, Coleman gave audiences their first look at the newest Sup.

Blue Hawk enters The Boys as the latest "patriotic" Supe and the spokesperson for OurSheet's latest product line, For Freedom.

The Walking Dead's Laurie Holden is also part of The Boys now as Crimson Countess, with other Supes such as Gunpowder and Supersonic also joining the fray.

Unfortunately, we still don't have a release date for The Boys Season 3.

If it's any consolation, we know that it's already finished filming.

It should only be a matter of time before Amazon Prime Video confirms the premiere date of The Boys Season 3.