By Ray Ampoloquio September 15, 2022

Blizzard officially introduces Kiriko, a new support Overwatch 2 hero

Blizzard announced Kiriko as a new Overwatch 2 hero and the first support hero introduced in over three years.

Fans have been eager to try out a new support hero optimized for the gameplay of Overwatch 2.

It appears that Kiriko is a female ninja, better known as a kunoichi, that's related to Genji and Hanzo.

According to the game's lore, Kiriko's mother is a ninja master and was responsible for training all three of them in the art of ninjutsu.

Meanwhile, Kiriko's grandmother trained her as a healer.

Kiriko joins Sojourn, and Junker Queen as the first three new Overwatch 2 heroes that will be available at launch.