Overwatch 2 will go into beta in April


By Ray Ampoloquio March 11, 2022

After several delays and controversies, Overwatch 2 just held its first closed alpha test.

Furthermore, a bigger playable beta test for Overwatch 2 is launching later this year.

Overwatch game director Aaron Keller confirmed that a "forthcoming beta will launch in all regions for a bigger, but still closed, audience."

Keller's latest statement shouldn't come off as a surprise for anyone who's been keeping a close eye on the scene.

The biggest news here isn't that Overwatch 2 is getting a beta test soon, but Blizzard's decision to split the game into two halves.

Blizzard will split Overwatch 2's PvP and PvE modes with the former presumably releasing first.

The latest development suggests that Blizzard could release at least the PvP part of Overwatch 2 later this year with the PvE component coming later.