By Ray Ampoloquio December 8, 2022

Blizzard Entertainment reportedly forced to "crunch" to meet Diablo 4 release date

Blizzard Entertainment might not have learned a lesson from what happened to developers in recent years. 

According to the most reports, The Diablo 4 team is currently being forced to "crunch" with insufficient compensation just so the studio can meet the rumored June 5 release date of Diablo 4. 

The report reveals a 20-person team lost half of its members in a year and some employees were told to look for another company after asking for a raise.

Later on, the report outlines a confusing and very troubled  development timeline of the incoming game.  

The report contrasts what we have heard from early hands-on previews of Diablo 4, where critics have nothing but praise to sing the game. 

For now, we'll have to make do with Diablo 4's appearance at The Game Awards.