By Darryl Lara September 26, 2022

Black Panther 2 actor Tenoch Huerta confirms Namor is a mutant

What would you do if we told you that the Marvel Cinematic Universe will introduce mutants later this year?

Such is what we found out just recently as per Tenoch Huerta, the actor behind the incoming MCU character, Namor.

According to Huerta, Namor the Sub-Mariner will also be mutant in the MCU just like in the comic books.

In addition to this, Kevin Feige also revealed that the Black Panther film from 2018 was going to have Namor appear in the post-credits.

Namor being a mutant will be a big deal for the MCU. This all means that Marvel is gearing up to introduce more mutants to the universe. 

We'll find out more if and what kind of implications Namor's arrival in the MCU will have on November 11.