The Rock thanks cast and crew just as Black Adam wraps up filming


By Ray Ampoloquio July 17, 2021

The Hollywood actor just shared a video on the set of Black Adam where he and the rest of the cast, as well as crew, are seen celebrating just as the film wraps up filming.

The film will feature the titular antihero, who was formerly known as Teth-Adam when he was still a slave from Kahndaq.

However, after the ancient wizard Shazam granted him powers, he overcame the proverbial and literal shackles that bound him and came to be known as Black Adam.

Unfortunately, Shazam found Black Adam's use of his newfound powers to be abusive and wrong, which is why he imprisoned Black Adam for thousands of years.

At the moment, have no idea what to expect from Black Adam.

There are a few things that we know for sure though, and one is that Black Adam will not be appearing in the Shazam! sequel.

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