Biden's net neutrality executive order a big score video games


By Aron Gerencser July 13, 2021

A new executive order from President Joe Biden is rolling back the net neutrality repeal that was voted on in 2017.

The basic idea behind net neutrality is that internet service providers must treat all internet traffic equally, and are not allowed to block, limit or throttle traffic at their own whims.

Without net neutrality, ISPs would be able to control internet traffic and censor content based on commercial or political motivations. 

Throughout much of the EU, net neutrality is enforced and supported, and in 2018 India passed some of the strongest net neutrality regulations. 

The ISP lobby in the USA had been pushing against net neutrality, and after Donald Trump appointed Ajit Pai to be the chairman of the FCC, Net Neutrality was repealed.

This allowed ISPs which already had reputations of being anti-consumer and predatory in their business practices to become even less regulated.

Net neutrality exists to protect consumers and ensure access to an equal, free internet.

President Joe Biden has now restored net neutrality via an executive order.

The order also encompasses a number of tech related legislation, such as laws designed to protect consumers' "right to repair", among others.

With digital games the norm, 100GB patches, and truly international matchmaking for online gaming, net neutrality is of paramount important for gamers.

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