The 8 Best Queer Video Game Characters


By Ray Ampoloquio June 26, 2021

The increased prevalence of queer video game characters over the past few years has ensured that the LGBTQ community is well represented. 

Alexios and Kassandra can romance both genders in Assassin's Creed Odyssey. This was a practice that, although uncommon, happened at the time. 

Liara T' Soni is also another good example of a well-written queer character. Many also believe that she is the canon partner of Shepard in the original Mass Effect trilogy. 

Samantha Traynor might not be a companion in Mass Effect. However, she can be romanced if you play as a female Shepard.

Samantha's coming out story in Gone Home after struggling with her sexuality for years is another excellent retelling of what a lot of queer teenagers go through growing up. 

Gibraltar is another example of how studios are more willing to put queer characters in the spotlight in video games these days. 

While controversial, giving players a chance to play Clementine as a queer teenager was in line with the game's narrative.