The 9 Best LGBTQ Games With Queer Characters and Narratives


By Ray Ampoloquio June 25, 2021

It doesn't matter if you're looking for a dating sim or a visual novel or an action-oriented title, there's bound to be an LGBTQ game for you on the market.

Dream Daddy: A Dating Simulator is one of the few simulator games that caters to the LGBTQ market without feeling too cringey. 

The Mass Effect franchise is also a good example of proper queer representation in video games. 

Life Is Strange: Before the Storm also delved deeper into more sensitive topics compared to the original game.

Gone Home is another game that tells what's arguably the greatest coming out story in video games. 

A Normal Lost Phone also tells a gripping tale of someone still discovering their sexuality. 

While there are plenty of LGBTQ games available today, the video game industry could stand to have more.