The best backwards compatible Xbox 360 games to play on the Xbox Series X


By Ray Ampoloquio November 14, 2021

The Xbox 360, which was released back in 2005, was a big deal for Microsoft. 

For one, Microsoft's console ended up outselling Sony's counterpart for quite a while at the time. 

Not to mention, the Xbox 360 saw some of the most iconic games of all time release on the platform. 

Now, thanks to Microsoft's commitment towards backwards compatibility, some of those games can be played on the Xbox Series X. 

Mind you, Microsoft isn't just letting gamers play older games on their latest flagship console. 

As part of Microsoft's efforts, older Xbox 360 games can be enjoyed on the Xbox Series X with better graphics and resolution. 

Some even end up looking quite amazing given their relative age, which is why we decided to round them up. 

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We can guarantee that you'll be in for quite the nostalgia trip once you've done playing through these older Xbox 360 titles on your Xbox Series S/X.