By Scott Kostov January 24, 2023

Get a chance to beat John Cena in the WWE 2K23 Showcase mode

Leave it up to John Cena to give the spotlight to his opponents in his Showcase Mode for WWE 2K23. 

WWE 2K23 was first revealed a day ago and it confirmed that John Cena is the athlete on the cover art. 

Now, we just got more info for the Showcase Mode for WWE 2K23. 

Apparently, WWE 2K23 will be letting you play against John Cena in his most memorable matches.

With the entire mode being narrated by the man himself, not only does this provide a more immersive experience for the user, but it also properly relives some of the biggest WWE rivalries.

You'll be able to relive Cena's biggest defeats on March 17.