By Ray Ampoloquio May 11, 2022

EA is testing Battlefield Mobile ahead of a potential release later this year

Did Battlefield 2042 disappoint you? Don't worry, EA is working on something that might scratch that Battlefield-sized itch.

In the publisher's most recent quarterly earnings call, EA CEO Andrew Wilson revealed the current status of Battlefield Mobile.

Wilson confirmed that he expects EA to drop the portable shooter before the year ends.

Furthermore, Wilson claims that the publisher is "looking at going into further testing at the end of May" and if things go well, Battlefield Mobile could hit the market by the "end of this year" or "the beginning of next year."

But, while Wilson is optimistic that Battlefield Mobile's arrival is huge for Electronic Arts, the development team is not in any hurry.

Wilson says that he wants to give Battlefield Mobile "all the soft launch and closed beta that it needs in order to tune and balance."