Battlefield 2042 open beta reportedly set for September 22


By Ray Ampoloquio September 5, 2021

Leaks and speculationsvery rarely point in the same direction.

So, when multiple sources all agree on the same thing, it's worth taking note of whatever kind of intel they have.

Because of this, several gamers believe that Electronic Arts is preparing to launch Battlefield 2042's first beta test on September 22.

Both Tom Henderson and Jeff Grub agree that EA is planning on something big for September 22. 

If both of these sources are true, then it wouldn't be that big of a surprise.

EA previously confirmed that the first Battlefield 2042 open beta is set for some time in September.

The date would also give EA a lot of players itching for a shooter to sink their teeth into.

Call of Duty: Vanguard's multiple playtests run through much of September.

The last Vanguard playtest ends on September 20.

Just remember , it is all speculation at this point.

Because EA has not given a specific date yet, we can't exactly say for sure when the first Battlefield 2042 beta test will happen.

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