Battlefield 2042 no offline, will have cross-play & more


By Aron Gerencser July 14, 2021

We're getting more details about the upcoming multiplayer military shooter Battlefield 2042 from the developers in the leadup to the showcase event.

Battlefield 2042 is shaping up to be one of the most hotly anticipated games of 2021, with a fierce rivalry with this year's Call of Duty game in the making.

In order to ensure that the immense 128 player lobbies would always be full, the game will utilize AI bots in All-Out Warfare matches.

It's just been confirmed that BF2042 is an always-online game, so even if you want to play solo against bots, you'll do so in an "online environment". 

Battlefield 2042 will support cross-play, however it will not be cross-generation.

This means, for example, PS4 and PS5 players won't share lobbies. Players can also opt-out of cross-play entirely.

On the flipside, cross-progression is universal across every platform supporting Battlefield 2042.

The game will ship with the seven maps that have been revealed so far - no more. 

Also, while some sea worthy craft will be present in-game, and some maps will feature water, naval combat proper is not the focus of the game in its present form on any map.

EA had planned to host a playtest late this month around the EA Play event on the 22nd, but apparently the game isn't quite ready for pre-prime time.

However, the game's full release is on the 22nd of October, so it's not like we need to wait too long anyway.

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