Battlefield 2042 damage types and hazard zones leaked


By Aron Gerencser September 2, 2021

Datamined information about Battlefield 2042 keeps making the rounds.

The latest leaks concern damage types and specific hazard zones on a map, all pulled from game files.

One of the main elements of Battlefield 2042's marketing so far has involved a natural disaster angle.

Based on images and footage seen so far, these include sand storms, tornadoes, electrical storms and more.

The game files contained a handy list of various damage types players can endure from these hazards.

The damage types were listed on Twitter by known dataminer going by "temporyal".

The ones we know about are Electric, Cold, Storm, Toxic and Radiation.

Also posted by temporyal, the map Discarded will experience satellites crashing into it from orbit.

Three different sizes of satellites have been found, including impact effects, resultant shockwaves and flaming debris.

Battlefield 2042 is set for an October 22 release.

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