Ayer, Hernandez speak out on fans' hopes for a Suicide Squad 'director's cut'


By Aron Gerencser July 30, 2021

DC is clear that no 'Ayer Cut' of 2016's Suicide Squad will ever be made. The director and one of the stars recently spoke out on the matter.

Suicide Squad has been catapulted back into the discourse due to The Suicide Squad, James Gunn's take on the team of anti-heroes from the DC universe.

As calls for releasing the Ayer Cut became, despite official statements making it clear that no such release will be made, Ayer released a letter to fans about the situation.

The heartfelt post described how he put his entire life into the project, and that what the studio ended up releasing is "not his movie".

Actor Jay Hernandez, who played El Diablo in Suicide Squad echoes Ayer's statements and expressed support for the director.

His message was underpinned by a dig at Warner Bros for their edit of the movie featuring El Diablo sacrificing himself.

It seems as though the Ayer Cut really won't ever be released, possibly in no small part due to the release of The Suicide Squad.

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