By Ray Ampoloquio September 26, 2022

Avatar tops the global box office in nth re-release ahead of sequel's premiere in December

The first time that Avatar premiered and topped global charts, the iPhone 3GS was still a few months old. 

13 years and roughly 9 iPhone generations later, Avatar is still as popular as ever.

According to the latest global box office numbers, Disney's re-release of James Cameron's record-setting science-fiction epic generated $31 million at the global box office.

These numbers further widen the gap between Avatar and the rest of the field as it sits on top of the global box office with $2.85 billion made.

Avatar's success after coming out again on a random weekend should erase all doubts that surround the potential release of Cameron's long-delayed and extravagant sequel.

At this point, James Cameron is going to have to direct the last few remaining Avatar films in the works with Avatar 2 likely to post huge numbers as well.