Army of the Dead Sequel and Prequels Underway on Netflix


By Geoff Borgonia July 24, 2021

Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead is getting a sequel, as well as prequel spinoffs, via the new deal with Netflix.

The film sequel to be produced under Stone Quarry Productions is part of the first-look deal with Netflix.

The zombie heist movie pulled in 75 million household viewers among Netflix member accounts in the first 28 days from its May debut.

The production outfit took their time in making the decision to go with Netflix, according to Deborah Snyder.

Stone Quarry Productions, which Zack heads along with wife Deborah Snyder and executive Wesley Coller, previously had a similar deal with Warner Bros.

Due to the mixed critical and commercial results of the DCEU movies, the first-look deal with Warner Bros. ended in 2019 and was not renewed.

The sequel to Army of the Dead may deal with the repercussions of the end of the first film, with the entire team wiped out and the only survivor Vanderohe (Omari Hadwick).

Aside from confirming the Army of the Dead sequel, Snyder is currently finishing production of that film’s two prequel projects.

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