Is Ariana Grande coming to Fortnite?


By Ray Ampoloquio July 19, 2021

With Epic Games' Fortnite, you never know what to expect.

After the game welcomed the Mad Titan Thanos before it even celebrated the first year of its launch back in 2018, Epic Games has introduced even more cameos into Fortnite.

Now, it looks like 28-year-old American singer and actress, Ariana Grande, is the next to head to Fortnite.

Reddit contains compiled post from a moderator that contains a lot of information about the upcoming additions for Fortnite.

The most notable of these claims is that Ariana Grande is going to hold a virtual concert in the battle royale shooter "soon".

The success of Travis Scott's virtual party in Fortnite might have encouraged Epic Games to try and do it again.

In addition to the $20 million in estimated gross sales, Travis Scott's special virtual concert pulled in 12.3 million players.

Just to give you some context, far more people attended Travis Scott's Fortnite concert than the entire population of Los Angeles and New York City combined.

If the success of Travis Scott's concern is to go by, Grande's virtual concert should be just as successful if not even bigger.

In other Fortnite news, one of the latest skins to drop in the game is Loki and Lebron James.

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