By Tobi Oguntola November 28, 2022

Antonio Banderas is open to a Zorro reboot

Antonio Banderas has revealed he is open to reprising his role as Zorro if the opportunity will rise in the future. 

However, the actor, who is now 62 years old, does not intend to fully return as the character.

Instead, he would like to "pass the torch" to another character the same way his "mentor" did for him in the original film. 

When asked who he thinks is best for the role, the Academy Award nominee nominated his Uncharted co-star, Tom Holland.

It's interesting to hear Holland be nominated as the successor for another iconic role.

Holland is reportedly set to be part of the MCU in the next few years after negotiating a deal with Sony and Disney to come back as Spider-Man after the success of his original trilogy run.